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作者: Liulang123    時間: 2018-11-6 03:52     標題: NFL Jerseys From China BEREA

The Browns are only allowing only local reporters — and maybe some select national ones — to be at the former Texas A&M star's first practice as an NFL player. The Browns selected Manziel in last week's draft,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, and already the 21-year-old has brought long-sought attention to a sleeping franchise that has had just two winning seasons in the past 15 years.
In an effort to minimize the frenzy around quarterback Johnny Manziel,Jerseys From China, the Browns are limiting media access to the first-round draft pick's appearance this weekend at the team's rookie minicamp.
BEREA,Nike Air Max Sko Dame, Ohio (AP) — The Browns are tackling Manzielmania. Containing it could be a lot tougher.

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